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At Base Camp Films we specialise in producing films, documentaries, audiovisuals as well as still photographs. All in the adventure travel and sports space. And all extreme. We boldly go where lesser men fear to tread. So, whether you want to shoot a film in the extreme high altitudes of the mighty Himalayas, or in the churning waves of the wild white water rivers, we have been there and done that.

In fact, we are producing the multi episode documentary on The Longest Mile, the OutThere Adventurers attempt at a new Guinness World Record, shot in the Death Zone, at altitudes of 23,000 feet.

We are also producing another documentary on The Cliff Riders expedition, another OutThere Adventurers Guinness World Record attempt at an altitude of 21,000 feet.

Our documentary feature DARE TO DREAM, DARE TO FAIL is in post production and has been shot in Ladakh. This film is being submitted to various international film festivals.

We have also produced the earlier one-hour documentary on the OutThere Adventurers World Record Challenge that was telecast multiple times on TEN Sports in 2004. NDTV also used out footage to put together a special show on the Car & Bike Show and as part of their year end special in 2004.

The equipment is customised to be able to take on the elements as is our crew who have shot extensively in high altitudes. We have our own dedicated editing studio and professionals who man the tables.

Shams Tanweer has been involved in film making for almost a decade and has produced films for Doordarshan, Star TV, Splash TV, Sony TV, Ten Sports, NDTV, etc. Recently his film Lost Tunes of Sand Dunes was honoured at the International Short Film Fetival, India Chapter. Chandan Lahiri brings to the table his twenty year experience in advertising and communications, apart from being the Director and Script Writer for Base Camp Films..