The Cliff Riders

The Guinness World Record for THE HIGHEST ALTITUDE REACHED BY A MOTORCYCLE was first set by the Chinese more than six years ago, in May 2002 by two Chinese adventurers who rode up the slopes of the North Face of Mt Everest to reach an altitude of 20,065 feet.Chandan Lahiri, Burgess Cooper and Sarosh Cooper

Six years later, on 19 March 2008, Roland Hess (Chile/Switzerland), German Hess (Chile/Switzerland), Johann Janko (Chile/Austria) and Giovanni Sanguedolce (Argentina/Italy) finally bettered the six year old record by taking their Honda 4RT 2007 motorcycle to an altitude of 20,406 ft 9 in on the slopes of Ojos del Salado, Atacama, Chile.

But Team OutThere did not want to wait for another six years to break the record. In September 2008 three OutThere Adventurers - Chandan Lahiri, Burgess Cooper and Sarosh Cooper - took their custom-built motorcycles to Ladakh with the hope of bettering the record, less than six months after it was broken. Chandan, Shams, Rehan and Ashok left for Ladakh by road on Sep 17 while Burgess and Sarosh flew in to Leh on Sep 20.

The signs from the Gods were unfavourable from then on. As the team crossed Rohtang Pass in the evening of Sep 19, the clouds opened up and the road to and from Rohtang on one side and the one in Baralacha La on the other side were completely snowed in. In fact the roads reamined shut for more than a week, people were stranded for days, and the Indian Air Force had to air drop food and clothing and evacuate women and children.

Given the weather conditions and information from sources saying that the situation would get worse over the next few days, it was decided to abort the attempt.

The road trip went ahead nevertheless while the motrocycles were trucked back to Delhi as soon as the road to Rohtang opened.


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Follow the ride through Chandan's daily report. Feel the misery of the people stranded in the avalanches, share the frustration as the decision to abort the expedition is taken and enjoy the incredible Himalayan road trip to Leh by clicking here.