The Longest MileOn May 13, 2002 saw two Chinese adventurers ride up the slopes on the North Face of Mt Everest to reach an altitude of 20,065 feet. These two courageous people wrote history by entering the Guinness Book of Records for having taken their vehicles to THE HIGHEST ALTITUDE REACHED BY A MOTOR VEHICLE.

On March 04, 2005 Matthias Jeschke from Germany drove a Toyota Land Cruiser to an altitude of 20,860 feet on the slopes on the volcano Ojos del Salado on the Chile-Argentina border thus bettering the record held by the Chinese adventurers. Not happy with his record , Matthias along with Dieter Gloss rode their Jeep Wrangler up the slopes of the same volcano to an unprecedented altitude of 21,804 feet. According to Matthias this record would never be broken. A month later Gonzalo Bravo and Eduardo Canales, two Chileans proved Matthias wrong by driving their 1986 modified Suzuki Samurai on the slopes of the same volcano to an altitude of 21,942 feet to claim the record for themselves.

And soon, three OutThere Adventurers will attempt to break this record by riding their vehicles to a targeted altitude of 23,000 feet to break the record for the fifth time since it was first set in 2003.

Where will the attempt take place?
The current record to beat is 21,942 feet. And there is no other point anywhere in the world that is higher and all future attempts at bettering the record will have to be conducted on the mountains in Asia. With the mighty Himalayas as our Northern sentinels, the choice of terrain is actually very easy. We are looking at three possible geographies for the attempt. The first is where the record was first set - the North Face of Mt Everest. The other option is the lowest of the 8000ers - the 8013m Mt Shishapangma, the only 8000er that is entirely within Chinese territory. The third is Mt Muztagata, in northwestern China, allegedly the easiest 7500m peak in the world. All three routes offer a possibility of reaching 23,000 feet, our target altitude. The final decision on which peak to make the attempt on will be made at the time of the expedition and will depend on the weather conditions prevailing on the mountains at that time.

The Expeditioners
On THE LONGEST MILE expedition three OutThere Adventurers will base themselves on the gorgeous Himalayas and take on the unforgiving mountain in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record.

Chandan Lahiri, Sarosh Cooper and Burgess CooperThe team is being led by Chandan Lahiri who is a double world record holder and the designer of OutThere Adventurers expeditions. Sarosh Cooper is another world record holder in endurance motorbiking, a scuba diver and skydiver. The third member of the team is Sarosh's brother Burgess, yet another world record holder and a PADI certified scuba diving instructor.

The Attempt Vehicle
What we need to achieve this momentous journey is a machine that will perform better than humans possibly will. Wind speeds of more than 100 miles per hour, an altitude that is labelled The Death Zone, steep inclines, glaciers, boulders, rocks and scree, not to mention the rarefied air where even the tying of shoe laces is a chore that takes an awfully long time. That is what man and machine will be subjected to.

We will either be using custmised motorcycles or ATVs for the effort. We are designing the vehicles and a decision will be taken after conducting tests at high altitude n conditions that closely simulate the terrain that will be expected. Whether bikes or ATVs, they will be specially modified and customised to meet the unique demands of the expedition - geared to climb up a 50 degree gradient, tackle ice shelves, ride over rocks and boulders ... all at temperatures that are expected to be well below freezing and atmospheric oxygen, one third that of the plains.

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