OutThere Adventurers

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Welcome to the exciting, breathtaking, awesome and truly spectacular world of OutThere Adventurers. We love the unique geography of the Indian sub continent, particularly around the Himalayas. Away from the concrete jungles, in the splendours of the mountains, snow capped peaks, exotic wildlife, rare flora and fauna and a host of adventure. Go off the beaten track with us. Discover new places, forgotten customs, unseen cultures. See things that are often not listed in tourist brochures. The journey is what makes for a memorable experience, not just the destination. Sights and sounds along the way, a shepherd boy herding his sheep down from the high slopes, fairs and festivals unknown outside its immediate environs, birds and animals that are unique to the region and seldom seen outside of their habitat, unique customs, fairs, festivals and cultures. We are travellers, explorers and adventurers, not tour operators.

Currently we offer journeys across the Himalayas and in Rajasthan. Travel with us on motorcycles or in four wheelers. We are not in the volume business. We concentrate on just a few trips every year to enable us to provide a personalised experience to our guests. Use the links on the left to navigate the site. There is a wonderful world out there...come enjoy it with us.