Pilgrimage to Ladakh 2007

The 12-day Ladakh pilgrimage was one awesome ride. Four of us - Shaifali Singh, Sachin Venugopal, Nirmala Balakrishnan and Chandan Lahiri - rode together through some really wonderful and awe inspiring terrain across Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh, Nubra Valley, Kargil and Srinagar. Each region opened up a whole bew vista of incredible sights and sounds. Nirmala will always remember the sound of the donkey on the way to Nubra, for instance!!! The colours of sky, the painted clouds that reaffirmed faith in a Supreme Power that controls things that man can only admire, the wind swept rock formations, the moonscape of Lamayuru. Most of what we saw can never ever be hope to be captured on film. But, a vain attempt is being here to portray some of the incredible things we were witness to. One thing is for sure. No one can imagine the wonders that Ladakh has to offer - for that a visit is mandatory. For the moment, feast your eyes on some beautiful pictures.

Between the four of us there are literally thousands of pictures. It was very tough to select just a few of them to put on the site. We hope that these capture the essence of what a journey to Ladakh can be like. Ultimately, there is no replacement to the real thing, the pilgrimage to the highest and coldest desert in the world. We hope to see you there on our next journey. Meanwhile, click on the thumbnails below for an enlarged view that will open in a new tab/window. You can then navigate through all the pictures from that tab/window. You could also close that window and come back to this page to view some other specific picture. Enjoy!