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At OutThere Adventurers we are known as The Expedition People. Yes, we do like our expedition class journeys while at the same time absolutely love going out on tours. In fact, we go out on tours at regular intervals to identify new routes, to design future expeditions, or sometimes simply to have a blast. Largely, our tours are in the road-trip space. On motorcycles and on four wheelers. The Himalayas is a particular favourite. Whether it be the moonscape of Ladakh, or the verdant forests and stark landscapes of Arunachal. Himachal and Uttarakhand. Sikkim and Bhutan always beckon. And Rajasthan and its dunes and open roads has its own attractions. And coming soo, the Andaman Islands.

The following are a few tours that are planned for the next few months. Click on the thumbnails and visit the relevant page for details and information on how you can join in.

12 days, Aug 2009
Rs 35.000
Ladakh never ceases to amaze. Whether it is the lakes or the sand dunes or the Bactrian camels or the innumerable monasteries or the lunar landscpe near Lamayuru, or the War Memorial at Dras, there are just so many things to see in the region...not to mention the highest roads in the world! More
  7 days, Sep/Oct 2009
Rs 35,000
Often described as the last Shangri La, Bhutan is a country where the traditional is fighting an equal battle with modernity. The architecture, the dress, the wildlife, the flora and fauna, are all unique to this Himalayan Kingdom that has just started to open itself up to the outside world. More
8 days, Sep 2009
Rs 20,000
Khangchendzonga's shadow never leaves you in Sikkim. Plus, the lakes to the north, Yuksom, Pelling, Dzongri to the west, Gangtok in the middle with the mighty River Teesta guarding her southern frontiers, Sikkim is gorgeous and there is so much to see in this corner of God's Earth. Book.
  14 days, Sep 2009
Rs 48,500
Get the best of both Sikkim and Bhutan on this trip. It is difficult to savour the many wonders of these two wonderful Himalayan regions in one trip, but the experience is one you are sure to remember and certainly one that will bring you back for a more relaxed and detailed sojourn soon. Book.
8 days, Dec 2009
Rates on request
The dunes of Rajasthan tell the stories of the valiant Rajputs who fought and died for their state. The culture, people, food, music, wildlife, all are truly made for a memorable experience. Ride camelback with us across the dunes and experience the hospitality of this extremely harsh state. More
8 days, Oct 2009
Rs 20,000
The 2nd largest monastery in Asia. The site of the 1962 Chinese conflict. The place though which the 14th Dalai Lama came into India in 1959. The birthplace of the 6th Dalai Lama. Tawang is steeped in religion and history. And it is a truly breathtaking journey into one of the last wonders of the Himalayas. More

18 days
Customised departure
Rates on request
Hindus, Buddhists, Bonpos, Jains, all consider Mt Kailash and Lake Mansarovar as very holy places. Just a single dip in the freezing waters of the lake or a kora of the mountain, is sufficient to wash the sins of a lifetime. 108 koras ensure that one does not need to be reborn again! And with s it is no arduous trek, but a great drive. More
7 days
To be announced
The Emerald Isles. In fact, Havelock Island has recently been voted as the finest beach in Asia. Enjoy leisure time on the quiet beaches, go snorkelling, scuba diving and coral watching. Gorge on fresh lobsters and crabs. Take a trek through the forests. Enjoy the beauty of the island on a motorcycle or on a four wheeler. This trip is coming up soon.

If you want us to customise a tour for you feel free to write in. We await your mail and look forward to seeing you on the road. Happy journeys.