OutThere Adventurers

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To answer the question about what we do in one short phrase, it would be - we do crazy things. We push the limits, we print our own footsteps in the sands and the snows, we urge the envelope to move closer to the edge...and beyond. We live for adventure. What makes us special is that we design adventures that are unique and can be undertaken by the amateur. Often, we try and find things that have been done in the past and try and replicate them by doing them faster, higher, sooner. More often we find activities that have never been done before and end up designing an event or an expedition that is a world's first. But that is only one part of our lives - expeditions and attempting to set or break records. The other part of our lives is travel.

We are not 'professionals'. We are as amateur as the next person. And our trips and tours keep that in mind. However, being in the adventure space, our travel itineraries are not always run of the mill. We go higher, we go off road, we sleep under the stars, we sometimes cook our own meals. Consequently, many of our trips end up being tougher than what a regular journey. Anyone expecting a walk in the park might end up getting disappointed. We do not offer fancy stay and wind proof environments. If you are upset with sand in your food, do not travel with us. If the very thought of conducting morning duties in the open plains is disgusting, don't go out into the outdoors. No comfort, no amenities or luxuries, closest phone booth hundreds of miles away, doing porter duty, that's what we promise our guests. And within these boundaries, we make the journey as enjoyable as we possibly can.

Take a look at the different "buffet" journeys currently on offer by clicking here. However, if you want a unique adventure custom designed, something that has not been done, some route that you always wanted to do, get in touch with us and we will rig it up for you. At The Base Camp we love Challenges.